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Pizza Turning Peel with Perforated Aluminum Blade with Length Adjustable Handle

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Make Pizza Like a Pro – When you’re using defective pizza peels, making the perfect pizza becomes a pain. Avoid disappointment with our anti-rust anodized aluminum peel! Sturdy and easy to use, this metal pizza paddle makes baking pizza a breeze.

Keeps Hands from Getting Burned - Turning pizza in a hot pizza oven with your bare hands is dangerous. To avoid burns, use this pizza peel turner. With a protective handle that extends up to 47 inches, this perforated peel lets you turn the crust without touching it.

Hands-Free Turning - With the wrong pizza paddle, pizza turning becomes risky. Keep away from trouble by using the right pizza turner: the aluminum pizza peel. Built with a thin perforated aluminum blade, the turning peel slides under the crust for easy handling.

Safe Launching and Removal – Making pizza is enjoyable when you’re using oven accessories specially made for pizza. Among them is this indispensable dough peel. A perforated aluminum utensil with a sliding plastic holder, it lets you launch and remove pizza in a snap.

A Must-Have for Pro and Amateur Cooks – For anyone who loves cooking pizza, nothing could be more delightful than receiving pizza accessories as gifts. Let your loved ones know they’re special by giving them easy turning tools like this long pizza peel on any occasion.

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